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December 7, 2018

ELX Open

106.80 89.00

This new technology ELX OPEN panel is perfect for the outdoor advertisement. It’s modern and highly visual design will attract more customers to your place. This sign can’t be missed!


Attract more customers to your restaurant, coffee place or other establishment by placing this panel on the windows, walls, doors (outdoors) as a flashy eye-catching signage.

► Dimensions – 450mm x 250mm

Very bright – proven to attract attention

Flat, Very thin – can be easily installed on any surface

► Eco-friendly –   low-energy consumption

► Lifespan up to 3 years

► Warranty 1 year

Technical Information:

*Brightness: 1500-2000lux

*With adapter 220V 3A

*With Flash-System

*Input 100-240VAC1.0A 50/60Hz

*Output 12VDC  3A

*Power Consumption 24-36w.


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