Why choose Electroluminescent Technology?

Light Up Your Idea!

oc-paper thin

Paper thin

Easy installation, change of location, transportation, and removal. EL panels are easy to carry with an average weight of 100-200g.


Eco friendly

Power consumption lower than the charger for the mobile phone! EL panels are energy-efficient and sustainable in their production and usage! They do not warm up and can even be programmed with timers, motion and sound sensors.



Bendable like paper! Can be installed on any complex surfaces: on floors, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, roofs, columns and even on clothes!

Light up your idea!

Electroluminescence (EL) technology

Electroluminescence (EL) technology is commonly referred to as printed lights or printed electronics. OASIS EL panels are paper thin, flat, flexible and neon light sources that are individually designed and enhanced by animation sequence. Some examples are advertising displays and billboards, safety signals and signs, architecture and interior design, entertainment and events, automotive decorations and applications, sporting equipment and many more.

These technologically innovative and eco-friendly marketing products can be used across many fields of modern private and business lives. Nowadays it is revolutionizing the way businesses market their branded message to target audiences.